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Recent significant stock market declines, portfolio volatility, and large scale institutional failures have many investors inquiring, once again, about the safety of annuity accounts.Consumers ask, “Are annuities safe from a recession?Do they maintain value when the market goes down?Are they insured? Will they lock in my gains each year?” The answer is, YES.Investing in a fixed, an immediate, or an indexed annuity policy will protect principal and interest from market losses.Should You Wait Out Another Correction?Unfortunately, many investors are suffering through similar pains to those experienced during the market slide from 1999 to 2003. Most (not all) brokerage accounts regained their losses from that period of time, but the most recent downturn starting in 2007 has quickly undone any progress.It is business as usual from the brokers, however.They simply tell their clients to wait it out.Yet, these same brokerage houses are busy selling stocks, trying to lock in profits while their individual clients absorb the losses. And of course many investment and retail banks have had to declare bankruptcy due to losses in their unsafe, highly leveraged portfolios.What does History Tell Us?For many years the brokerage industry has shunned the safety of fixed annuity accounts while individual investor portfolios decline.If you look at a historical chart of the SP 500 (a leading stock market barometer) it peaked in March of 2000 at approximately 1500. In October of 2007, the SP

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