Party Rock Anthem – Dent Revue 2011

Dent crew rockin out to a remake of LMFAO’s party rock anthem…everyday i’m shufflin!!! University of Otago Faculty of Dentistry Dent Revue 2011 The Wizard of Floss Feat. Abbey Jade Corbett, Abby Emery, Abdulla Salman, Amelia Liew, Annabelle McGettigan, Deepika Samal, Divya Ramana , Joo Leem, Lenoka Rupasinghe, Lilian Ching-Yee Pang, Lydia Ng, Madison Chang, Mariam Anwar, Nicholas Peters, Peter Kim, Rachel Evans, Rachel Ward , Ryan Smit , Samantha Wong, Steve Yu, Suresh Rajapakse Bloopers at the end!

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2 Responses to “Party Rock Anthem – Dent Revue 2011”

  1. love´╗┐ it!

  2. otago represent. waaaaaat!!!!´╗┐ shot lil pang. you are like my fuckin idol