How To Time Your Marketing For Maximum Conversions [Preneurcast060] Pete and Dom are back from Florida; and this week, they talk about timing your marketing so that your message is in front of prospects at the time they are most receptive — both when they are about to buy and also after they have bought from you. Action Steps: Think about the various seasonal cycles or other forms of timing that occurs in your market place, and start planning your marketing to fit in with those events. Links: Online: — The 7 Levers of Business Home Study Course is now live. Sign up today and get 2 months free access to our Preneur Platinum private members area. The Content Leverage System — The post on the Noble Samurai blog that Pete did about our publishing workflow PreneurCast Episodes These previous episodes are talked about in today’s show. If you missed them, go back and listen to them: PreneurCast Episode 37 — The Preneur Hierarchy Special PreneurCast Listener Offers from Our Sponsors: — The transcription service we use for PreneurCast. Mention ‘PreneurCast’ and get 25% off your first order. For more information, visit us online at or drop us a line at: support [at] preneurgroup [dot] com.
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