Dental Patient Education – Children

Dental Patient Education program, the Dental SideKick explaining the dental procedure: Children’s Dentistry. Video created by InfoStar Productions.
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Safe Solutions to Stop The Pain in Teething Babies In this video Dr Mitch Vodrey a Winnipeg Pediatric Dentist discusses simple things that parents can do to stop crying babies that are in pain from teething There are many things suggested to reduce teething pain in babies that are teething Some of these are safe and some should be avoided Washcloths For Teething Pain Relief Why a washcloth you might ask? Wash cloths can be easily moved even when frozen. Yes, frozen. Not only do they thaw out quickly, but they remain cold longer and feel good on your baby’s gums. They also will soak up some of the excess saliva. To utilize this inexpensive idea you would get a clean wash cloth wet and stick it in the freezer. Once it is frozen enough for you just give it to your baby. Teething is not something that is fun for babies, or parents either. Thankfully it only lasts a short time and most of the time you get a break between teeth. Doing the best you can to keep your baby comfortable and happy is all that you can do. Watch the Video for more information Check out and comment on our Facebook page – http You Can Check Out Our Staff here
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