Brunch with Bernie – June 22, 2012

US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) joins Thom Hartmann for their weekly town hall meeting. If you liked this clip of The Thom Hartmann Program, please do us a big favor and share it with your friends… and hit that “like” button! Follow Us on Twitter Subscribe to The Thom Hartmann Program for more:
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8 Responses to “Brunch with Bernie – June 22, 2012”

  1. Expel the oil mafia scum from positions of power. They have already ruined far too much of the environment. — ChevronToxico . com — crudethemovie . com — gaslandthemovie . com — blackwavethefilm . com — priceofoil . org — EndOfSuburbia . com — MansGreatestMistake . com — InternalCombustionBook . com — StopTarSands . org — 350 . org — GreedyLyingBastards . com — Stop the Megaloads Now! Stop the ruinous exploitation of the tar sands. youtube . com/watch?v=HoKW771tG_Q

  2. Tie the business tax rate to the living wage, & workers rights for Democratic input. Demand that all wages be open source knowledge. Hiding worker’s pay is one way businesses keep pay low & sell the illusion of fairness. Give stock holders back their right to regulate the companies they hold stock in. Start voting for the person & their record, not the ad. Prove to Congress money has no place in government. Practice democracy through no money required debate & neighbor to neighbor interaction.

  3. Many of the super rich outright steal wealth from the public, they don’t pay their workers a living wage. They overcharge customers and stash their money off shore. Yes, raise their taxes!

  4. Change is Good?  Let those who vote for war or austerity go first!… ; D

  5. The depression… all part of Rove’s master plan…. ; D

  6. @mweibleii We should not cut pay and benefits of working people. They have sacrificed enough. We should redirect funds from the excessive military budget to cover healthcare and education. Corporations are currently requesting educated immigrants because they claim Americans lack high skills and education. Why not produce more home grown professionals like we did in the 60s when we went to the moon?

  7. “A great morality to cut SSI”
    Yeah, and what the hell do you call Bernanke’S stated GOAL of 2% inflation per year! THAT is stealing from people on SSI.
    Where we need to cut is from the Federal Government, cut the pay and benefits.

  8. What the USA needs a new progressive Congress! The people need to vote in more democrats and progressives into congress nationwide.