cancun cosmetic dentistry review

my tale of the destruction of my teeth by the unqualified dentists at cancun cosmetic dentistry.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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5 Responses to “cancun cosmetic dentistry review”

  1. There are many out here that have been ripped off by this place. Avoid them completely! You wont get your money back and no money will be given to fix the shoddy dental work. Mark H who posted here probably works there with all his Mr.fixit solutions. This clinic is dishonest and I wish I had never done there. Want to find out more search complaints.

  2. Teeth do not rot in two weeks – takes months.
    If bridge/crowns don’t fit, most dentists can take them off, make adjustments and put back on. Happened to my bridge. Cost under $100. Cold/hot sensitivity is normal on new work, was on mine, and went away in few weeks. That pain to chew on that side – happened on my bridge too – turned out I grind my teeth in my sleep (and what moved the bridge out of place). Dentist made a custom fit plastic sleep-night guard for me ($300) – and that did the trick.

  3. Why doesn’t this dentist refund money to the patients he has hurt? I was reading on another board that his clinic is now called Cancun Top Dental/Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry and he has opened a new clinic in the Malecon mall in Cancun Mexico. Male con is a fitting name for this dentist and clinic to be located in. What kind of dentist/person does this to somebody. Unfortunately this young guy in the video is not the only victim. Thank you for the video and wishing you the best of luck.

  4. This is really bad and I am very sorry this happened to you. Glad you made this video people need to know how unprofessional this clinic is. Our dental work was also terrible and had to be redone. Someone should upload the Global TV report on this clinic owned by Dr German Arzate. He was profiled on Canadian National news for doing shoddy work. There are many complaints about this dentist but as stated in the video the clinic is constantly getting them removed.

  5. That is horrible. Sorry for you. Thank you for posting the review.