ASMR 3D Roleplay Dental Visit Cleaning Relaxation Sleep Aid

For Personalized ASMR Roleplays, find me on ***** Hi everyone.. guess what? I’m finally a Licensed Registered Dental Hygienist!!!…

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    There’s nothing wrong with marijuana. The government just likes to say bull to make it sound bad. :D

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    I think you meant WORLD*.

  3. Thank you for this

  4. Omg my fave Asmr vid ever, u r great!! xx

  5. Are you a lefty? Lefties Unite! Great video!

  6. where have you been hiding??? great video ! :) 

  7. 45Yankeeclipper on August 28th, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    would ever do one in the future with the cone mask?

  8. no fighting please.

  9. No. but will have to check it out!

  10. I prefer the marijuana of ASMR if you don’t mind me saying so.

  11. thanks, sir.

  12. I would like to meet your dentist =]

  13. You and your butt fetishes. Perhaps you could perform one on yourself for the most realistic experience?

  14. Thank you. Glad it helps you.

  15. It’s a family affair.

  16. Glad you liked it! ^_^

  17. You’re welcome

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  20. “Why you so judgemental?”

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