Dental Anesthesia Techniques: A New Standard

Sedation Dentistry Training Seminars Los Angeles: The face of oral surgery has changed over the last few decades. It’s no longer about just pulling teeth. Oral Surgeons and Dentists Encounter * More complicated procedures * More involved medical histories * Longer procedures We have the training for you so that you can treat those patients and make it less stressful for yourself. You can spend more time and energy focused on your surgical procedure. Our 5-day Course Teaches Surgeons * Use of the flexible LMA * Capnography * How to use the infusion pump * Which drugs to use and dosage * How to use the laryngeal mask airway These techniques combined will make your approach much easier and much more predictable. As office surgeries are becoming longer and more complicated, the operator-anesthetist is the prototypical model for current oral surgery practices. Patients are more medically challenging today. These dental anesthesia techniques will make the administration of anesthesia much easier so that more attention can be directed to surgery. There will also be lectures for management of emergency scenarios as well as clinical training with the Sim Man 3G Patient Simulator. Advanced Anesthesia Seminars, 4940 Van Nuys Blvd. #105, Los Angeles, CA 91403 (818) 922-8331 Or find us online at
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