Tribute to Christo & Jeanne-Claude: Wrapping My Used Dental Floss

my artwork.

Healthcare Interior designers in Pune Healthcare design layouts Building Attributes Regardless of their location, size, or budget, all hospitals should have certain common attributes. Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness An efficient hospital layout should: Promote staff efficiency by minimizing distance of necessary travel between frequently used spaces Allow easy visual supervision of patients by limited staff Include all needed spaces, but no redundant ones. This requires careful pre-design programming. Provide an efficient logistics system, which might include elevators, pneumatic tubes, box conveyors, manual or automated carts, and gravity or pneumatic chutes, for the efficient handling of food and clean supplies and the removal of waste, recyclables, and soiled material Make efficient use of space by locating support spaces so that they may be shared by adjacent functional areas, and by making prudent use of multi-purpose spaces Consolidate outpatient functions for more efficient operation—on first floor, if possible—for direct access by outpatients Group or combine functional areas with similar system requirements Provide optimal functional adjacencies, such as locating the surgical intensive care unit adjacent to the operating suite. These adjacencies should be based on a detailed functional program which describes the hospital’s intended operations from the standpoint of patients, staff, and supplies. Flexibility and Expandability Since medical needs and modes of
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