Willow Marsden – Asperger’s Blog 17 – DENTIST

Hiya, NIGHTMARE. That’s the only word that counts. I hated today. **We no longer own www.aspergic.com – it’s not our forum anymore!** *UPDATE* Soon I’ll be launching my website which will include a blog, gallery and shop! And, with that will come more videos. Various items featuring my artwork and photography will be available from my site when it’s live – including my first written book full of poems and short stories. Please head over and subscribe to receive my monthly newsletter, full of goodies that only subscribers see! Be sure to keep checking back for new stuff! Please share this video/like it and comment as well. I do read them all even if I don’t always respond, same goes for emails. :D Plus, you can head over to twitter and tweet me your thoughts/questions @willowhopepage Please check out these pages and share them :) I really appreciate your continued support :) www.willowhope.com http www.twitter.com www.blurb.co.uk www.cafepress.co.uk Love Willow

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15 Responses to “Willow Marsden – Asperger’s Blog 17 – DENTIST”

  1. i know how you feel about people not understanding the condition, my teachers seem to think im very stupid because im in the autism spectrum so they put me in SPED classes,so they treat me like im stupid.

  2. I have Aspergers too and I’m similar in a way. Your dentist reminds me of the first ever orthodontist I ever saw. This guy didn’t seem to care that I’m sensitive to stuff being done to my body. He then told my mom that he was surprised that I was so scared of getting braces. So she dumped him and later picked another orthodontist that is comforting and cares that I’m sensitive to touch and stuff being done to my body. She even explained everything she did and was going to do.

  3. Oh, and you’re white because you are over exposed…too much light and those pens sound awesome.

  4. I feel for you. I had to get a root canal…hours of the dentist leaning over me. Thank god the tv above me was on the food channel and i could focus on the kneading of the dough. The texture help but still. Not cool.

  5. I toughed it out at the Dentist, i grabbed those handles on the side and put all of the pain into my hands. Just go to your happy place, I have that ability, so i assume others do as well, lol.

  6. Willow dear, my daughter has Aspergers and the dentist is always a traumatic experience. I feel so much for you. She’s so sensitive to touch and pain, so just having the possibility of getting hurt sends her into panic. By the way, interesting your name is Willow. We almost named my daughter Willow. I still LOVE the name.

  7. I wish there were more girls like you. Your fiance is a lucky man

  8. You should find a diffrent dentist who is a bit more sympathic and compainate.

  9. im quite sensitive to pain too. a man bumped into me the other day and i was like ‘GET OFF OF ME!!!!’

  10. Sorry, the dentist is a woman. My orthodontist is a man, so I got confused, lol

  11. He put that air tube thing on your arm??
    The bastard. He did EXACTLY the same thing to me. -.- I just gave him the evil glare, but I couldn’t argue back because I never do. =P
    The dentist is like a murderer seriously. It was just a check-up, but I had blood on my gums and it was actually pouring out of my mouth because the cleaning drill thing slipped. -_____- She said it was nothing, just a prick. I hate her.
    But strangely, the orthodontist was actually better…they did a better job I guess.

  12. pain is good!

  13. No. Luckily.

  14. thegirlissodangerous on January 24th, 2013 at 6:16 am

    Yep, i’m familiar with the panic attack feeling. It’s not good :(

  15. im sensetive to pain, even poking hurts :(