inEos Blue vs 3Shape

See how Sirona’s inEos Blue compares to the 3Shape scanner in scanning times and ease of use.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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5 Responses to “inEos Blue vs 3Shape”

  1. Common Sirona, you aren’t fooling anybody. I had the inEos blue and got rid if it for a 3Shape, along with almost every lab that I know of that had an inlab system. Check eBay if you don’t believe me, it’s straight garbage. 7 minutes for a single unit scan in 3Shape?! More like under 3 minutes and everybody knows that. Get this propaganda out of here…

  2. i have also tested the same .
    Took me around 4 minutes, it is obvious the 3shape user here is trying to be as slow as he can be

    very bad advertising – marketing video, it has the opposite result

  3. Heyho Which model is the Scanner? D-640?

  4. I’ve just tested. 3shape
    4 minutes and 9 seconds for exactly the same …
    7 minutes 46 seconds …??
    only with bit faster
    as evidence a video?
    Bad advertising, bad arguments

  5. yeah but 3 shapes scanned the whole model….. Eos only did small quadrant. Still fast but make the comparisons equal