BRACES ARE OFF! all about my teeth/braces :)

if you have any other questions please comment below! :)
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25 Responses to “BRACES ARE OFF! all about my teeth/braces :)”

  1. beatyplusfashion345 on February 8th, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Im getting braces in a couple of weeks. But when I take them out, they will whiten my teeth :)

  2. She doesn’t have a gap.. Everybody has a SMALL space between each teeth. Even after having braces, nobodys teeth will be perfect

  3. I’m having mine on for a year, and mine are already turning out straight and I got them in September

  4. i had my braces on for 4 years and there perfect!

  5. im gonna have mine on for 4 years

  6. I might have to get braces this year and I don’t really mind but atleast now I know that it hardly hurts cos I have sensitive teeth so I’m glad it won’t really hurt getting them on.

  7. Xo Arianator Xo on February 8th, 2013 at 11:57 pm



  9. I don’t want dots on my teeth.. xD

  10. I have braces, so far I had have them for about 4-5 months now, they are ok, sometimes when you go back for your next Appt. And get a new wire because it gets thicker each time, it hurts a little bit.. But when you first get them on, it depends.. For me.. It hurt so bad I really could just have soup.. Sometimes not even anything.. It depends how sensitive your teeth are. Yes, you will get sores, they can be really annoying sometimes, but you can just use wax. It deft helps a-lot. But that’s my

  11. I am having braces in soon but i was worried but when i watched your video you made me feel a lot better and confident so thanks. :) xx

  12. Same here!

  13. OMg me too,kept glancing at the back lol 1D♥

  14. if you have baces dose your gum inflade

  15. I had mine for 4 already…and i have time for more.

  16. Ur teeth are so straight

  17. Celeste Morales on February 9th, 2013 at 4:50 am

    its 4:34 and im still in my pajamas laying in bed

  18. You still have a gap no offense

  19. Niall. 333333

  20. like this if you can’t stop tearing at niall and harry in the background!! ♥

  21. Kiss your hand 5 times post this on 3 other videos and you will find a pink iPad under your pillow

  22. What grade are you in? Just wondering.. :D

  23. wow i got braces last june and just got them off me retainers took an hour to make

  24. Not Being Rude At All But, You Still Kinda Got A Gap.. But Idc Cause I LUV YOU<3 (Shoutout?) PLEASE
    Xoxoxo ~SammyKins(=

  25. whoever did dislike is a motherfucker