Invisalign Teeth Straightening Update (Vlog 6 NOVEMBER)


Jay Hind! Episode 302 : Segment 3 – How a dental patient went mental & yo Congressboy, are you ready for Dr. Kejriwal? For more sexy humor – follow us on twitter for 24 hrs Live reaction to News around the world. Non – Stop Humor
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26 Responses to “Invisalign Teeth Straightening Update (Vlog 6 NOVEMBER)”

  1. BopheapsLambchops on December 28th, 2012 at 11:10 am

    I just got invisalign 2 weeks ago! Haha I agree, its a chore to brush and floss, so I lost my daily habit of snacking. Got on the scale and saw that I lost five pounds!

  2. I’m getting my first tray next Tuesday. Mine cost $5200 USD. So excited!!!

  3. NHS in england lets you get them for free if they think you need them!

  4. Anna Alexandratos on December 28th, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    generally you get them after braces to keep teeth straight, plus to maintain them you put them in a solution similar to dentires that helps with the discolouration

  5. My retainer looks like that!

  6. New one.

  7. Thanks for the updates! 

  8. Hi Sam! I’m enjoying your videos on Invisalign. I’m interested in getting these type of braces too. Just wanted to know how long you have them in each day with taking them out to eat, film videos etc. As I’ve read that you’re only allowed them out for 1-2 hours each day and that doesn’t seem like a long enough time to be able to eat, brush teeth etc.

  9. jordanmcguinness12 on December 28th, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    How much are they?

  10. Are these braces? I need braces as i have spongebob squarepants teeth lol…gap in the middle which depresses me

  11. I’ve had Invisalign done too (finally done after 2 years). But I found my teeth got WHITER because I brushed and flossed every time after I ate. I also lost weight on them since if was too much of a chore to eat a cookie just to brush & floss -haha

  12. Nice video. Anyone know of other youtubers that are up and coming? Sometimes I feel like these channels are all getting so similar with content. There is an awesome organization/fashion guru that I’m liking right now called VanchicOrganization Check her out, if others have good suggestions too, let me know. I like seeing what others watch

  13. Thanks for sharing your story. I have always wondered about invisalign.

  14. antonia coppola on December 28th, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    i think it depends on the person i had it done and it was fine but my boyfriend found it painful enough

  15. The good thing is that now that you talk more slowly I understand you better !! I’m Spanish and sometimes it’s a little difficult to understand you both but, ey! I practice my English. Thanks girls you are amazing!!

  16. MissBurlesqueQueen on December 28th, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Yes, please!!! A Zooey tutorial!!! :)

  17. How did you get them free?

  18. Thank you for sharing your experience. When I return to London I will definitely consider that dentist. Oh just to let you know, your link on the description box for the dentist seems to be a bit incorrect. I just deleted the beginning in order to find the website.

  19. I’ve had invisilign since sept 2011. best decision I’ve ever made, I had a huge gap and it’s totally closed it. I also have to think about talking with them in, I get a lisp!

  20. I’ve recently had the ultra sonic scaling and it… was… painful! I hope it’s not as painful for everyone but I could hardly stand it.

  21. Totally depends on where you live! I live in Canada and the price of braces is the EXACT same as adult invisalign at some orthodontists. I would shop around!

  22. Thank you for this video Sam. My boyfriend hates his teeth and I wanted to treat him for his 21st to some invisible braces but now I will definitely be researching invisalign! I didn’t even realise you had them in! x

  23. mine yellowed really bad. i absolutely hate invisalign

  24. I love your makeup sooo much …
    please macke a tutorial for it !!

  25. I have 5 days left of my invisalign!! :)

  26. nice