Maintenance video for AIR-FLOW Master Piezon®: How to replace powder chamber caps and seals. Discover all EMS dental device maintenance video tutorials on ht…

Single tooth grillz fitting instructions to fit single cap grillz. Available on eBay: ( or on our hip hop jewelry site: (h…
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23 Responses to “AIR-FLOW Master Piezon® Maintenance Tutorial – POWDER CHAMBER CAPS AND SEALS REPLACEMENT”

  1. i kind of have small teeth even though im 16 and this tooth is kind of big,
    what tooth should i put it on one far back?

  2. if u seal in the single gold teeth wit the cement can u tak it out after

  3. i know now thanks

  4. tru talks

  5. allkindzofvidoes on January 1st, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    mine went a horrible bronze colour after a few weeks

  6. You will pay more at King Ice. Their single grillz are $12 plus $7 for
    shipping. You can score a way better deal at Bling Cartel. Single grillz
    are only $9.95 with free USPS First Class shipping either on our eBay store
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  7. I don’t know where you got yours from but at Bling Cartel, all our single
    tooth grillz are 24K gold plated for a durable finish that wont fade like
    the other guys.

  8. No King Ice why?

  9. The grillz come with a silicone molding piece which is one size-fits all
    and the single tooth grills are also one size. This plain gold cap is just
    one of the styles that we carry. We also have mad iced-out singles in
    different styles in both gold plated and silver tone color.

  10. Nice, Did you buy them from our eBay store?

  11. i just bought 3 of them i hope its worth my moneys

  12. Henrique Blaia on January 1st, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    Thank you for your attention, just a question what is included or not mold
    size gryllz?

  13. Dat bullshit crackers tryna b black

  14. Henrique Blaia on January 1st, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    the hot water in the boiling state before? How many seconds are ready to
    put in the tooth? I’m 14 years old I put on the same tooth adults? thank you

  15. The water should be boiled before you dip in the grillz with molding piece
    in the water. Usually just takes a few seconds to turn clear and be ready
    to put on your tooth, depending how hot the water is. However, keep in mind
    that the water should be extremely hot at 165 degrees Farenheit in order
    for the silicone molding to soften and turn clear. These are one-size-fits
    all single tooth grillz and are all the same size. Thanks!

  16. Yes, these single tooth cap grillz can easily be removed and placed back on
    the tooth. Once you get it molded, it will stay on your tooth and can be
    easily pulled out and reused over and over again. Don’t eat or sleep with
    your grillz.

  17. That is correct.

  18. So you can basically put it on and remove it whenever you want right ?

  19. Is it easy to remove and place it on again ?

  20. These single tooth grillz are fully removable and can be used over and over
    again. You can purchase these online from our store, which we have linked
    to in the video description. Just click on the link. Thanks!

  21. what happens with the mold after used? will i need to buy more,and if
    so,where from? i guess these single grills are reusable,right? let me
    know,i want to order one,thanks.

  22. Henrique Blaia on January 1st, 2014 at 7:59 pm

    How i clean that?