Amazing 1 visit permanent porcelain crown, live patient procedure

A short documentary featuring a live patient treatment receiving a hi-tech dental CAD/CAM crown to replace her existing traditional crown, or cap, using the CEREC technology. Highlights every step of the way, so that the patient can understand the tremendous advantages afforded by this amazing dental technology. Advantages and a custom narration by the restoring dentist, Dr. Nick Yiannios, who has accomplished over 3000 of these dental restorations. Dr. Nick is a Fellow and Accredited Member of the Academy of CAD/CAM Dentistry.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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2 Responses to “Amazing 1 visit permanent porcelain crown, live patient procedure”

  1. I wonder if the dentist has to learn cad´╗┐ cam software? Im a machinist and I use mastercam and I make precise parts within .0001 of an inch, cerec software very nice to see this being done in dentistry that crown will be precisely machined and fit perfect its geometry numbers dont lie.

  2. totally awesome´╗┐