Nicki gets Capped

Footage of waiting room.Nicki had to have two caps and she was put to sleep to do it. If you haven’t seen the other videos be sure to check them out. She is PETRIFIED of the dentist. She scared me coming out of the anesthesia, she was not quite awake when we got her back. She remembers that…”mommy didn’t go with her”…awwww, i cried about that. My lil baby. Thanks for watching.
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14 Responses to “Nicki gets Capped”

  1. I have 5 silver silver caps on,my molars

  2. oh i see…

    cute kid :3

  3. because she was deathly scared of the dentist so they didn’t think it wise to let her just do regular anasthetic.

  4. why does she need to be asleep? just wondering?

  5. id like to beat her up……. im a murderer of little girls aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    lol jk jk dont get all serious bout it

  6. kassikristinshow on January 3rd, 2013 at 10:22 pm

    oh i used to have one of those i got it when i was 6 then it came out when i was 10.

  7. Oh…yeah she should be.

  8. it was in the morning, day surgery…they ask that she be comfortable.

  9. What time did she go? She is in a robe and everything lol

  10. lol i love watching these videos im gonna start using this camera my dad got me for cristmas and make videos p.s that green thing got me dizzy.

  11. oh wait nvmd haha

  12. she is so cute.
    and what does she need? what is caps?

  13. she is just scared of the doctor in general, it’s every doctor…she was 5, now she is almost 7…it has gotten much easier.

  14. mbe u should find another dentist m8
    sounds like this ones doesn’t make her feel at ease