Dental Cleaning of a Dog – Badger Veterinary Hospital Janesville Wisconsin

For surgical appointments, patients are admitted to the hospital between 7:30 and 8:30 the morning of the procedure. Call to schedule your pet’s dental treat…
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13 Responses to “Dental Cleaning of a Dog – Badger Veterinary Hospital Janesville Wisconsin”

  1. What happen to IV fluids and monitor? EKG , BP, temp? What the hell..

  2. No IV cath or fluids. Also gauze should be placed in back of mouth and head inclining down.

  3. my dog needs some work done but I will not take him here. DON’T THINK SOO!

  4. Uh no not really. We adopted a dog who had bad tartar build up. We brushed his teeth everyday and it would not get off. When we went to the vet and asked what we should brush with instead they said, that would not help the dog at all and we had to do what they are doing to this dog right now.

  5. This dog didnt need this. brushing his teeth would’ve taken way the tartar.. Well I guess the owner is a lazy ass..

  6. I dont think this dog needed this..

  7. wildspanishrose on June 13th, 2013 at 1:12 am

    You don’t NEED to be registered, it just helps. I’m not registered, but I have a 4 year degree in a biology field. It all depends on the office.

  8. ugly dogs

  9. No IV catheter? It’s only a dental, but they’re still undergoing anesthesia which means anything can happen.

  10. michellecleblanc on June 13th, 2013 at 2:02 am

    Often if the anesthetic is too light they will breath heavily or twitch, it is safer to use as little anesthetic as needed and increase only small amounts if needed since too much anesthetic is dangerous. Once the correct dosage is found the dog rests easy. The animals aren’t conscious it’s just the reflexes aren’t under control from anesthetic at too low a dose.

  11. Nice catch…I saw the needle cap almost go in the mouth! Although I do hear that this is SOP in most places, right?

  12. You need to be a registered vet tech. It’s a 2-year program at most schools that offer it.

  13. What kind of training do you need to do this?