Dr Prince and team: Experience with Wendy Briggs, Dental Consultant

Ever thought you have heard it all when it comes to Dental Consultants? Seeking help for your productivity, but feel like you have “Been there, done that?” Listen to what this team has to say about where they were, and where they are now after implementing Wendy’s program for increasing practice profitability.

Dental Consultants, a family dental practice in West Hartford, Connecticut, does a case like this in a matter of a single visit. See for yourself – a high tech yet simple process and the exquisitely natural result – all done in 2 hours with no temporary or impression goop. A very strong ceramic crown. Call for a no-charge consult today! 860.236.5455 www.dentalconsultants.biz 155 South Main Street, West Hartford, Connecticut – 06107
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  5. Nathansgirl1989 on December 29th, 2012 at 8:10 am

    They do this kinda thing on TV shows for makeovers a lot