A Perfect Impression for a Perfect Dental Crown

The Aquasil Ultra Single Unit Procedure Kit provides everything you need to take a predictably perfect impression. Watch the entire procedure, from tray and oral surface preparation, through impression taking and release, to fitting of the final crown.

30 Minute Cerec Crowns featured on the TV show, The Doctors.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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4 Responses to “A Perfect Impression for a Perfect Dental Crown”

  1. There was no error. The red light on the milling unit appeared because the milling restoration was interrupted. At the end of the milling process, the machine separates the restoration from the remaining block and takes about a minute to soften any sharp edges on the remaining block so to prevent injury. Because the Doctor wanted to save time. he interrupted the milling process right after the crown was completed, when the burs start to remove any sharp edges on the remaining bloc

  2. The Doctor messed it up! The prep was wrong and the margins were wrong. The red light on the milling unit means something went wrong. And the crown takes 10 minutes to mill, not 1 minute. Walls cant be tapered and the top should be flat.

  3. actually it is the CEREC AC Bluecam

  4. outstanding !
    so that’s CEREC 3, isn’t ?!