I Hate the Dentist!

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25 Responses to “I Hate the Dentist!”

  1. *gums

  2. I put braces on and that permanent retainer are the best! You just need to keep it clean! If your guns bleed, make em bleed more. It means you’re cleaning everything out!

  3. dinothunderwhite on January 22nd, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Brackbuster destroyed by mary browns -.-

  4. who came up with stereotype any cos i have not heard of them b4…issit something to do with the food they eat?

  5. he was right about the judging thing,i dun floss my teeth as well

  6. The Tim Horton’s thing is so true. They need better lids. And in terms of flossing, I know it’s a pain but do try to floss. Not flossing regularly can cause major tartar build up with leads to gum inflammation and when it gets serious like after years, it can turn into periodontal disease. Since you don’t floss on a regular it will bleed for the first 2-3 days but after that you won’t have anymore gum problems…not to mention no more bad breath :/

  7. I go to dentist right Lao

  8. quantumXphysikz on January 22nd, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Hey Peter Chao I tell u a little secret method of preventing splashing. Just tuck the tab down into the hole and it won’t splash

  9. I went to the dentist yesterday. And this is all so true.

  10. I’m to fucking paranoid to floss don’t want that stuff between my teeth.

  11. About the coffee cup……that’s what he said! Lol

  12. Daniel Tostevin on January 22nd, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    “Floss… Like I’m going to use that shit” hahaha

  13. I know. I floss everyday, and I brush after every meal. But I still get tartar buildup because some of my roots are not covered by the gums.

  14. your are the funniest chinese or asian (if you perfer that) that I know because they can’t surpass you at all

    P.S. Ruv your mom

  15. Where does he live
    in canada

  16. Kool

  17. 4:37.. first world problems

  18. CinemaNow :P 

  19. 7:50 how bout hispanic we exist in canada too

  20. Buy those floss picks.

    They’re really easy to floss with.

  21. What’s even worst about Tim Horton’s lid is when you open it and the damn flap doesn’t lock it self in that place in that slot.

  22. I think he was in Edmonton

  23. Tea-time? Biscuits etc. Lots of sugar.

  24. Lol not all English people have bad teeth.. Don’t know why we have that stereotype

  25. i floss every day….my blockbuster is now a mattress store :(  but yo mama like a nice long strudel ;)