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Motor Club Of America Benefits and Unlimited Income Opportunity GET SIGNED UP with MCA TODAY! www.tvcmatrix.com MCA offers a personal benefit plan that gives its members all the benefits of a Motor Club plus Cash Income; when you are involved in any type of covered accident at Home, Work, School, Sports, Recreation or Play. In addition, this one of a kind membership also offers: · Prescription, Vision and Dental discounts · 0.00 per day Hospital Benefit (Paid directly to YOU) · Emergency Road Service (Virtually Unlimited) +up 100 miles towing · Travel Reimbursement (Up to 0) · Trip Planning Reservation: (30% or more savings) · Bail bonds (Up to 000) · Attorney Fees (Up to 00) · 00 Stolen Vehicle Reward · Personal Accident Coverage — Emergency Benefit 0 · Accidental Death Benefit (000) · Credit Card Protection (UP To 000) All for .67 cents a day, the pocket change in your wallet! That’s right .95 per month. Over 0000 of benefits DON’T MAKE ANOTHER MOVE WITHOUT MCA! Would YOU like to earn for each paying customer you refer? YES, YES and YES! Additional PERKS: Renewal/Residual Income FREE Website, FREE Online Training, FREE Business Building Tools www.tvcmatrix.com
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  1. This works because the benefits are actually great.