How To Handle a Dental Emergency

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  2. yeah who cares about llamas were talking about serious lesson

  3. @RightfullyReticent whats clove oil and where do you buy it?

  4. a dentist? good thing i have a spare in the basement


  6. ikr. this vid fails. Golden rule is to not put it in water but to put it in milk or ur own saliva lmao.

  7. No! Don’t rinse it in water. It rinses off enzymes that are absolutely necessary for the tooth to be replaced. The dentist will clean it with their own solution whether it’s noticeably dirty or not, water will not disinfect the tooth at all.

  8. Llamas?! what the fuck?!?!

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  10. Agreed srsly!?

  11. What do Llamas have to do with dental care?

  12. I’m gonna put my tooth in a glass of milk and go to the dentist! What’s weird about that? :)

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