Third Molar Self Extraction by Dr Rahul Vaid – an Indian Dentist

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Visit us at This video shows an actual surgical procedure of the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. This is part 1 of a two …
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50 Responses to “Third Molar Self Extraction by Dr Rahul Vaid – an Indian Dentist”

  1. for a dentist he sure does have some ugly dirty teeth

  2. You should have done a mandibular extraction instead of a maxillary. And you are doing a lousy job

  3. jealous ?

  4. Esta claro tontos los hay repartidos por todo el mundo.

  5. Esta claro, tont s

  6. What…y

  7. If you want something done right. Do it yourself.


  9. Knock. Knock. Knock. Thank you come again.

  10. he is a dentist but he can not afford a dentist? lol

  11. Teri maa di lun bhenchod chutia aapne fudi laga ke khud e chod le chutia sala……

  12. Nothing irresponsible here ,this is excellent , it gives him a perspective of how it exactly feels when he is doing it to someone, not another dentist on him but how he does it to patients, blessed to have novacaine and great staff handy. Rednecks do it with pliers and a bottle of booze.

  13. mj livestudioversions on September 17th, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Wow props for him :)

  14. thats a bad motherfucker rite there!

  15. This guy went beast mode do an extraction on himself. Niggas in the states can’t do shit like this

  16. WTF?

  17. LOL………. Not even stupid lawyers represent themselves. The good DR here should sue himself. His intentions may be good, but unprofessional.

  18. If you are a dentist your teeth should be in better condition yours are neglected.

  19. Marco Antonio Aldana Valencia on September 17th, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    u got to be kidding me…. u have no effin idea of how to remove a molar…. no technique at all…

  20. or do it with no novicane lol

  21. if you really want to impress us pull em all out lol

  22. honesty i would think about letting sum 1 knock my teeth out b4 tryin that lol

  23. this is a good example of a dumb mf’er wit know common sense lol i mean even if ur a great dentist why would you do that , if i seen this video i would definitely hesitate to let him touch my mouth lol


  25. This was such a disappointing video.I am a dentist myself and totally feel ashamed of what you have done.Is it even ethical? What about infection control? What’s the whole point doing all this? You want attention let your good dental work bring you some. I typed Indian dentist on you tube got disgusted to see those infamous Jaipur quacks and stumbled on yours.It only made me feel worse to see a dentist himself supporting quackery!Shame on you!

  26. This looks bad but it isn’t even that bad had mine done today

  27. I’m going tomorrow I’m scare now.

  28. Omg very bad idea to watch this , I get all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out on Wednesday & now im freaking out ! Im nervous .

  29. Witch one is the injection?

  30. When I go to the dentist sometimes I have to get Novocain because I have to have fillings or get teeth taken out. When I had to get my four front bottom teeth taken out and u can usually tell when the needle is going in because you’ll see my toes crinkle up and I clinch the chair and one time I closed my eyes so tight that tears started coming out

  31. the injection only the pain and nothing more pain ^_^

  32. only the injection is painful nothing more

  33. that is not painful only the injection is painful and nothing i extraction my last wisdom teeth,,,,,,

  34. im getting mine tomorrow, does everyone get drugged or some just get numbed? how long does your mouth hurt? what if they hit a nerve what happens?

  35. Ewwwww ban this from YouTube, thanks to you I know what happened to my brothers girlfriend NASTY

  36. It’s roughly 1000 for all four.

  37. Michael Odriozola on September 18th, 2013 at 6:23 am

    How much does this procedure cost?

  38. Ismaya Rachmawati on September 18th, 2013 at 6:42 am

    i had my 2 wisdom teeth (left and right) extractions about years ago, it was really painless, thanks to the local anestethic.

  39. It looks very painfull

  40. Do they always stitch you up after surgery?

  41. Will the stitches disappear on its own or will you have to take it out yourself?

  42. Richard Gangwisch on September 18th, 2013 at 8:16 am

    The patient is actually very relaxed and doesn’t feel a thing, thanks to sedation and local anesthetic.

  43. That looks painful

  44. Richard Gangwisch on September 18th, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Chris, your nervousness is shared by millions of people, so that is very understandable. The actual procedure itself is actually the least of your concerns. As you can see in the video, the patient is very comfortable. With the numbness, he doesn’t feel a thing and with the sedation, he could care less. Afterwards, you would definitely need pain medication, which if taken in the proper doses, will keep one very comfortable. Healing takes only a few days.

  45. Hello Richard. I’m coming in for a dental checkup next week, and while I’m going to need a lot of cavities filled, the big worry I have is that all four of my wisdom teeth are decayed beyond restoration (but not impacted), so I’m very likely going to need to have them removed. I’m told the recovery is the worst part of it, but I’m terrified of the dentist in general, and I’m wondering how bad the actual procedure is, how painful it is, how long it takes, etc. I’m very nervous about it.

  46. Unfortunately, our mouths are extremely sensitive and oral surgeries tend to hurt more. The important thing to remember is to stock up on ibuprofen. It’s not uncommon for dentists to only prescribed a few days worth of pain pills and after that you have to make do with over the counter stuff.

  47. Procedure length and pain management depends on how many teeth you have removed and if they are impacted. If all goes well, your surgery will take an hour or so and your discomfort will dramatically decrease in a week. But you will in a good deal of pain for about 72 hours. Now I had all my teeth done at once and they were all impacted. I had to be put to sleep and my surgery took over two hours. My recovery also took twice as long because there were so many complications. But that’s uncommon.

  48. Hey how much pain do you feel and how long is the procedure

  49. You have the option to, though some places don’t do that. Like my Dental care area– I asked them if they do, they said they didn’t do it there. They’d just give me Laughing Gas.

  50. MissSuicidalCupcake on September 18th, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    I think it depends really. I remember my dad having his wisdom teeth out, and because one was so packed in there and was going to take one heck of a pull to get it out, they put him to sleep. Most people just have the anaesthetic.