Dentist Brigades in Bosawas

Dentist Brigades in Bosawas 2004, Time: 9:08 MINS For the past two years CFCA has partnered with Kindness in Action to send dentist brigades to visit and assist our project communities in the countries of Guatemala, Peru and Nicaragua. In February 2004, Change for Children partnered with the Centre Humbolt organization in Northern Nicaragua to send a group of dentists to the remote Bosawas Biosphere Reserve. Bosawas is a UN protected world heritage site that runs along the Rio Coco river, which forms the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. This video was filmed by Frank Bessai, a long-time CFCA supporter and volunteer.
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  1. this is fantastic and I AM SO happy that helps goes to this area I am not familiar with this area but I love the improvement in any´╗┐ place. this video was educational and inspiring to me and I hope to see more THank you