Mothers Day Picture Frame Gift

I am making a wooden picture fram for a gift on mothers day. How to make a wooden picture frame build a mothers day picture frame for a gift for mums. Has the message happy mothers day on the front. Good how to project very simple picture frame to make for your own. Mitred joints splines and shaping. Router table mitre saw band clamp table saw box projects teen teenage woodworker alex harris woodworking woodwork woodturning woodturner turning shop workshop cheap woodshop crafts craft children play homemade gift ideas card card
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8 Responses to “Mothers Day Picture Frame Gift”

  1. Great Job buddy! Nice work! I have my own show also. Just got to the search here on Youtube and search for The Ho Butt Workshop. Subscribe if u want buddy! Great work I subscribed!

  2. Feel like I love you, You are way tooooo sweet.

  3. HOLZWERKERFORUM on December 4th, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Since your mother will have happy, homemade at its best

    Greetings Sven

  4. yer pine. Although a hardwood would have burnt better.

  5. Well done!:)

  6. Sweet frame! I’ve never tried wood burning. I’d love to see more about that.

  7. Great job Alex

  8. Very nice, Alex.
    I’m sure your mom will love it.