The Cover-Up Ctte Gov Rfrm Investigate-Mercury/Vaccine/Autism

UNINFORMED CONSENT, Washington DC. Rep. Dan Burton, Chair of Gov Reform Committee comments on vaccines and mercury showing a video of an autistic child in full melt down. – Followed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield MD UK, well-respected scientist, whose discovery of the vaccine strain measles virus in the gut of autistic children set off an international frenzy from public health authorities attempting to marginalize Wakefield for their own irresponsibility in refusing to address these issues with vaccines. Many believe public health authorities have become fronts for big pharma who profit unlimited amounts from the illnesses produced by the delivery of contaminants contained in vaccines like mercury (thimerisal). A collection of the IOM Meeting called “What Really Happened at the IOM?” are available in DVD at: nib Private Health Insurance Explained Australian Public and Private Health Care System. In Australia, were looked after by a health care system that has two parts: a Public system and Private system. Public Health Care System The Public system, run by the government through Medicare, is paid for by our taxes. It covers things like: • seeing a doctor or specialist • getting medical tests like x-rays or blood tests • taking prescription medicines • being treated in a public hospital There are a couple of things to remember about public health care and Medicare. 1. You wont pay anything to go to a public hospital, but you might not get to choose which hospital, or which doctors treat you. Also, you might have to go on the Public Hospital Waiting List and wait a while for your treatment although if its an emergency youll be treated straight away. 2. Medicare doesnt usually cover the full cost of doctors visits, tests and prescription medicines, so you might have to pay some money towards the cost of these things. Private Health Care System The private, or non-government part of the healthcare system, is made up of private hospitals, private health insurance companies and other health providers like dentists. Medicare doesnt pay for these. The private heath care system includes things like: • treatment in a private hospital • ambulance trips • dentistry • eyeglasses and • treatments like physio and acupuncture If you get sick and want or need things like these
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49 Responses to “The Cover-Up Ctte Gov Rfrm Investigate-Mercury/Vaccine/Autism”

  1. What, I thought they just got the hep B. That is outrages! Murder by injection. A spirit of death is on our children from abortion to vaccines.

  2. Children who were healed by “good” doctors like drbuttar com tell us that they act like that because of the PAIN and they can’t communicate any other way! We are putting our children through HELL because of drug company deception! When are YOU going to at least investigate this truth! Or are you one of those who dogmatically trust your doctor to the death of your child! Doctors don’t make the vaccine, the drug companies do! Doctors are only the PUSHERS!

  3. The poor, desperate little boy and thousands of others are suffering intense pain – all because vaccine promoters want money.

  4. Are any of the medics on this tape still working or have they been obstructed by the powers that be.


  6. I say group all these doctors into one list and let people choose for themselves which doctor they would like to care for their health and well being. The B.M.A. are a mighty force to reckon with so daring to rattle their cage is in my mind, the quality of a wonderful doctor.
    I have come across doctors who are dictated to by their concerns of their own employment rather than their genuine wish to help the people of the planet. BRAVO Dr Wakefield for telling it the way it is..

  7. I say group all these doctors into one list and let people choose for themselves which doctor they would like to care for their health and well being. The B.M.A. are a mighty force to reckon with so daring to rattle their cage is in my mind, the quality of a wonderful doctor.
    I have come across doctors who are dictated to by their concerns of their own employment rather than their genuine wish to help the people of the planet. BRAVO Dr Wakefield for telling it the way it is..

  8. Are any of the medics on this tape still working or have they been obstructed by the powers that be.

  9. Dan Burton thank you for speaking the truth about what happened to your grandson. The same thing happened to my son after receiving the vaccine shots. This is a disgrace and injustice. Someone will be held accountable ! You reap what you sow !!

  10. How can we make them PAY! Vaccines Kill!!!

  11. when a child is born he is given 9 vaccines within 5 minutes…….. are you convinced yet?

  12. The oficial taly of serious adverse events (ie. Guillain-Barre Syndrome) & deaths resulting from inoculation w Gardasil & Cervarix curently stands ’3.34/100,000 doses distributed’, almst dble the avrage death rate frm cervical cancer (2.4/100,000 women). The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) confirmed, as of November 3, 2010, a total of 20,575 adverse reactions, including 352 reports of abnormal pap smears post vaccination& 89 reported deaths associatedGardisil&Cervarix

  13. So sorry, this happens to nearly 1 in 10 vaccinated kids today..Please see, “Recovering Autism and Special Needs,” on youtube. It has gone to 11 countries and growing. This is the same exact reaction in Canada,Australia, England, Germany, Bulgaria.. Aluminum, thimerasol, embombing fluid, polysorbate, antibiotics now being injected within 12 hours of birth to prevent a sexually transmitted disease? Or DPT, the “T” is tetanus injected into a 2 month old in case of a rusty nail betterschoolresults

  14. checksummedchest on September 20th, 2012 at 3:39 pm

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  15. i just want you to know that i really do feel you frustration and pain. i really do. and its not fair that these kids have to go through this and you child. it sickens me to be honest. but just keep fighting

  16. I watched the poor wee soul on this video, my son who is now 12 was effected by the MMR he was a happy developing wee boy untill that dreaded day when his and my world changed forever………

  17. Question, was your nephew born naturally or a C Section? There is a logic to my mad question, because C Sections sometimes lead to escemic injury, which is the inability to increase proper blood flow to the digestive tract, which can effect the developmental ability of the brain. Also, was the mother RH negative and the baby a blood type that needed an injection to prevent anti-bodies to the mother and child?

  18. My nephew is autistic, although we believe he’s been autistic since birth, my heart goes out to those families because I can relate to the problems they all face every day. We were lucky that my nephew’s autism is not as severe, he still has communication skills. I love him so much and I would do anything to take away this challenge, and it sickens me to think that these families had a chance at normalcy before the CDC took that away from them.

  19. My 5 yr old son is just like that boy, nonverbal, anxious, hurting, and begging for help. I cry everyday, and struggle to get people to listen to my story of how vaccines have caused this, but because I’m not a scientist I’m ridiculed and laughed at. This is genocide people, it happens in maine to one in seventy- six kids and rising, so for them to say there’s no mercury in vaccines is disgusting. The government is lying, not parents like me. What would we have to gain? How many more have died?

  20. we are livig in a very sick world…

  21. aspieresearchmom on September 20th, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Who is the idiot that put thimerosal in vaccines?

  22. And what about what the kids are going through? Or the adults who are trashed with meaningless diagnostics while the cause of their torment is swept under the rug.

  23. Nimbostratus1111 on September 20th, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Inciting autism in these babies with these vaccines is worse than killing them. These poor kids and parents end up having lifetime of struggle and suffering. The CDC is the most dangerous and corrupt organization on this planet.

  24. My son has similar meltdowns. How many of you had these meltdowns when you were children? Did you even know anyone who had these severe meltdowns?

    Where are all the autistic adults? According to the CDC, the rate of autism in 2003 was 1 in 150. That’s for children.
    Something serious is going on. Get involved, my son did.

  25. It sounds like the autistic child is saying

    “Heal me, heal me…,

    I don’t want it…,

    It’s on and on and on..”

  26. well thats a problem because of how the market is set up, i blame politicians and the BIG insurance companies, not the free market itself….corporatism often gets people angry at capitalism when people dont realize the dont co-exist

  27. Yeah by far the most superior. Because here in america the biggest cause of bankruptcy are massive medical bills even for a middle class american 20 thousand dollars in medical bills is a little too much.

  28. yeah public is like public school making it free or low cost for the poor and lower middle class and private for the richer folks unfortunately with healthcare in america its only the expensive private option that crushes you with massive debt and bankruptcy.

  29. louisiananlord17 on September 21st, 2012 at 1:36 am

    I agree, Aussies are so lucky. Two-tier sounds so good, very proud of our cousins Down Under.

  30. australia’s two-tier non-biased system is great, the poor dont die and meanwhile everyone who works doesnt get shit european/canadian care at the same time

  31. some pay significantly more =

  32. You Australians are so lucky you have no Idea what its like for a poor person to have healthcare in america. We pay 33% income tax for war,bailing out banks and helping other poor 3rd world countries.

  33. In America we pay leg and an arm for healthcare.Its the biggest cause of bankruptcy here in america. I can’t believe how far behind we are. I used to think we are number 1.

  34. How much do you have to pay for health incurence in Australia? Like say, a month. And how much does it cover? And is it veery expensive, like say, compared to the US? Or is it cheap? Thinking of moving to Australia, but I REALLY need to know more about healthcare, and how expensive it might or might not be.

  35. wait…what about when you post things…or when you buy things from the supermarket? how do you think you conveniently accessed break and milk in the corner shop….or was able to recieve a package? the roads were used to deliver these goods. if you don’t want to be included in all of societies convenience/service. buy an island and and milk your own cow.

  36. it was geat, really helped me understand health insurance. thanks :)

  37. Up here in Washington State, my wife had a trip to the ER, the hospital billed our insurance company and the insurance company negotiated the price down to a reasonable level, and flat out did not pay for treatments that had nothing to do with her injury. At no cost to us.

  38. Th biggest problem is the doctors charge way too much they are greedy mongrels that get anything they want even with rippoff private health cover which will not cover everything because the doctors want more, how much money do they need ,its bloody insane they are screwing us and the government just says yes to them.

  39. nibHealthInsurance on September 21st, 2012 at 7:09 am

    Hope the video was helpful, health insurance can sometimes be a complicated category but this video suite aims to make it as simple as possible :) Thanks for the feedback. Ryan

  40. Socialism ISN’T communism.. In the UK – FREE national health service costs 7% gdp compared to 17% going to PRIVATE medical firms in the U.S.? Can you spot the anomaly in that equation.? private medical = fairness?
    Uk Politics lies about “loving” the NHS & instead chip away at it – they’d rather corporate chums on the boards of private medical stepped in. But most of UK LOVE the NHS and it employs a LOT of people.
    People in poverty die and suffer in the U.S. What’s so great about that?

  41. Love this explanation!!

  42. love it classic

  43. Right.

  44. And justice, and police, and fire departments…

  45. That’s why the roads should be privatized… :D

  46. And even if I don’t want to have a car, I’m still forced to PAY for roads…

  47. Meanwhile the rest of the World (Canada and Australia) has Pot Luck Health Care. 250 Million People x $35 a month = $8.75 Billion a month.

  48. Did you say witch doctors will treat her?

  49. Americans seems to think as soon as you pay taxes for something, its a scam.

    Both have their advantage but I personaly prefer the public one, because in the private one, people with low budget to who it is impossible to cover a full insurance and get an accident need to either get in enormeous debt they cant pay, or die.

    The Australian health care system is not unique to australia, is it in use in Canada too as well as most european countries.