Foot Care in Diabetes – Spoken Hindi, Text English – Dr. Anup, MD Teaches Series

Diabetes is the commonest cause of foot loss in the world. There are risk factors which can be controlled and this foot loss prevented. There are simple measures one can take to prevent this foot loss. Learn as to why foot loss is so common in diabetes. Also learn that what can you do as a patient or a care giver for a diabetic to prevent that foot loss. What to do on a daily basis to take good care of your foot. What to do before and after taking shower. How to take care of your foot as a patient on a daily basis. What to look for and why? What are the warning signs of an impending foot loss? What to do and when? Equally important what not to do as a diabetic patient to avoid permanent damage to your foot. Gift this video as a DVD to someone who has diabetes. Also a good gift item for anyone who is over 55 years of age as it also teaches foot care in general for the elderly This video is for individual use and not for commercial use. For commercial use find the same video under the group named commercial use videos. If you want to purchase a DVD copy of this video to gift to someone buy it at and search under Dr Anup Teaches series or look for ISBN 9781603350000
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