A day-in-the-life of a dental hygiene student

Boua, a dental hygiene student, describes a typical day for her on campus. See toothcareers.com for more information about dental careers.

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25 Responses to “A day-in-the-life of a dental hygiene student”

  1. Well, being honest here, it’d be hard, since hygienists have to communicate with their patients a lot. Try and see a speech therapist if you aren’t already.

  2. go dental!

  3. i have a speech impairtment, i studder, could i make it as a dental hygensit?

  4. I’m a man in dental hygiene school and I love it. Don’t doubt yourself.

  5. Your Welcome 

  6. thx!

  7. First You have to decided if you want to become a Dental Hygienist or a Dentist…
    Dentist:2+2+4=8years-Associate+Bachelors+4 year Medical School
    Dental Hygiene=2years-Complete all the Prerequisite to get into Dental Program
    Bachelors is the MAXIMUM you can get to for a Hygienist
    You major does not have to be Science to get into a Dental School BUT… ONCE your in Dental School you must pick a Major you don’t have to pick Science as your major you can pick chemistry there are a lot of options

  8. by becoming a dental hygienist in bachelors you can then apply to dental school? without getting a bachelors in science?do you take the same required courses?

  9. A register dental Hygiene makes starting from $21 to maximum $45 an hour. they make more then 100,000+BONUS COMMISSION based on TIME and WORKING EXPERIENCE i will complete my Dental Hygiene program in Bachelors.i stay in Maryland. and i will be applying at University of Maryland School of Dentistry(UMB) Most likely you will have to go to a Dental School to get your degree in Dental Hygiene Dental School contains several other programs as well… different then becoming a DENTIST=MEDICAL SCHOOL

  10. how much do you make in a year??….ive been trying to tell my mom that it does pay well but she wants me to go to dental school

  11. My name is Mohammad and my major is dental hygienist… Men get accepted a lot quicker into the program because there are more female in this field then men… it is a FANTASTIC major… Great Money and a Great Lifestyle… flexible schedual you pick your own hours and what days you want to work… you can even work at 2 different office if you like… don’t hesitate go for it… it pays off TRUST ME :)

  12. can men make it as a dental hygienist

  13. what college do you go to?

  14. hi got a ? can u get your background checked before applying for school like my daughter has been arrested before but i wanna see if she will be able to sit for exams before i spend my money on her school kinda like a pre application process

  15. I’ve been looking into dental hygiene as a profession and I’m just trying to do some research and decide on whether this is something that I really want to do. So far it seems very interesting but the problem that I’m coming across is that is the part of Louisiana where I live there aren’t many schools that have programs for dentistry. The ones that are in Louisiana are miles from where I reside. So I guess now its all about whether I really want to make a move or commute. Or maybe there’s a on

  16. well im starting my 2 year Associate Degree in Dental Hygienist this August in college :) im glad i decided to go to college and not work in a typical job anymore, i really want to be someone in life :)

  17. You were the only one not to know about diseases back then. They knew about diseases but they were not required to wear protection. Got it????????? Go pee and straight into bed.

  18. Thank you. Wish I had gone straight into Hygiene instead of going the assisting route first. However, I do love the field and working with the patients.

  19. They didn’t wear gloves or disinfect the area because they didn’t know about many infectious diseases. With HIV/AIDS it is vital to treat every patient as if they have an infectious disease. This is to protect the patient as well as the dental team.

  20. wow…. im only 10 years old but i want to be a dentist so im looking at this video… thank you this helps me decide what kind of dentist i want to be and it helps other in other ways. :)

  21. What infection control. Hygienists before 1985 did not wear gloves. So what was it? There was no diseases back then. Yes there was. People over react now too much today.

  22. thank you :) this video helped me

  23. Thank u muchh

  24. Great video!!!

  25. I can’t wait to start.