Low Blood Sugar (Glucose) Hypo in Diabetes – Hindi Language. Dr Anup, MD Teaches series.

Low Blood Sugar (glucose) or hypo is one of the most dangerous complications of diabetes. It can kill a patient in a few minutes. It can also cause serious harm leading to a vegetative state for the patient. With the renewed focus on tighter control of blood sugar (glucose) levels to prevent long term complications occurrence of hypos will increase. A right treatment instituted in the right manner will correct the problem without any long term effects. Failure to institute this treatment can cause permanent brain damage, stroke and death. Low blood sugar in diabetes can be avoided. If it occurs it can be successfully treated if the right approach is used. The management of low blood sugar starts with knowing the symptoms of low blood sugar and by understanding that why it occurs , says Dr. Anup, MD If you want to purchase a DVD copy of this video to gift to someone buy it at www.amazon.com and search under Dr Anup Teaches series or look for ISBN 9781603350000 If you can not afford to pay for watching this video contact us and we will help you. This video is for individual use and not for commercial use. For commercial use find the same video under the group named commercial use videos.

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