Smiles by Design in Livermore Presents – Restoring dental implants video BioHorizons

2165 4th Street, Livermore, Ca – 925-443-4182 Welcome to Smiles by Design. We have established a unique dental practice treating adults who desire beautiful, healthy, more youthful looking smiles, in a spa-like setting. We understand that your smile is your greeting to the world. When your smile sparkles, it’s only natural that you do.
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We want to show you in a short animated film the many steps from a lost tooth to a new tooth crown including the surgical strategy. In the past, almost always adjoining teeth had to be whetted. Nowadays, one is able to reconstruct with an artificial tooth root, eg out of titanium, the lost tooth. Above all, we want to show you the total order of events and not only the setting of the implant. Admittedly, we are only able to give you in this animated film a short insight into the technique and the many necessary steps. You can get further information on our homepage The video is intended for general information only and does not replace the need for personal advice from a qualified health professional.
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