ClearChoice Dental Implants Replaces Missing Teeth and Changes Lives in Just One Day

Learn the benefits of having ClearChoice Dental Implants replace your missing teeth with custom implants that, unlike dentures, are just like natural teeth. Meet some of our Clear Choice patients and learn their personal stories. Their testimonials and photos speak volumes as to how dental implants have dramatically transformed their lives. Find out how the valuable services we provide allow us to offer same day dental implants. Our ClearChoice specialists, including oral surgeons and prosthodontists, along with our 3D CAT Scan and lab are all in one place – allowing you to get your beautiful new teeth in just one day. httpChange your life in a way that you never thought possible. Discover the Clear Choice solution for same day dental implants. Call Clear Choice today at 1-888-654-4675 for your free consultation and 3D CAT Scan.

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7 Responses to “ClearChoice Dental Implants Replaces Missing Teeth and Changes Lives in Just One Day”

  1. One of the selling points about the all on 4 procedure is that it can be done in one day. That is extremely misleading. The process takes about 7 months. The patient will walk out with temporary dentures on the first day, but will likely feel like they were hit by a truck, like I did.. Returning back to normal takes months. I lost 35 lbs because I was in such terrible pain constantly. Also, severe speech problems that are continuing 8 months later. One day is very misleading.

  2. My brother went to a consult with them. He asked for the price over and over on the phone and they wouldnt tell him. He was sure this was the solution and they told him how this was for him. When they told him the cost was 30k he tried to kill himself that night. They need to disclose cost up front. They made him so excited and then when he walked out of that office he looked crushed. He has tried to kill himself twice since and refuses to go anywhere else.

  3. Go overseas! For example, in Romania, upper and lower jaw dental implants with teeth same day, costs between 15.000$-18.000$. Check out uk . It works for hundred of britons and italians. You only need 2 trips to complete the treatment and save more than 60%.

  4. I have really been interested in having this done as my mother is having it done in Jan.2013 but I dont have 40K and no way could we afford $1,400.00 a misterkister said above.

  5. That’s actually pretty comparable for prosth fees… $20000 dollars for a mandibular hybrid or a maxillary profile prosthesis is actually pretty cheap. I’m not a fan of all on 4s and I’m not a fan of ClearChoice cause they give everyone pretty much the same treatment plan (not everyone has the same diagnosis)… but I think patients need to understand how much the surgical, implant components and lab fees cost.

  6. extraordinary accordian principle verify genetic, biocyte potential of health scientist: neurological, organ regeneration from paralysis to hair restoration.

  7. What they don’t tell you in this video is that it costs $40,000.00 for top and bottom teeth. Cut that in half for just the top! This is NOT AFFORDABLE!!!! It’s something that I would LOVE to have done but I’m just a regular working person. They told me that I could make easy “affordable monthly payments” ($1,400.00) a month. I’m sorry, that’s not affordable either!