Dentist Burlington NC, Missing Tooth Problems & Dental Implants, Dr. Jerome Crayle Implant dentist in Graham, NC, Dr, Jerome Crayle, compares bridge work, partial dentures (removable and efficient for replacing several or a combination of teeth), and dental implants, that operate like natural teeth. Dental misalignment can cause headaches and tension. To alleviate malocclusion and TMJ disorder, dental bridges and dentures are still common, but the necessity of grinding down healthy adjacent teeth to accommodate dental bridges, and difficulty in cleaning and flossing diminishes the possibility of these traditional dental appliances from becoming preferred methods of tooth replacement. Once dental implants are installed, with proper maintenance of dental hygiene, a good diet and regular dental exams to prevent tooth decay, dental implants serve as functional and aesthetic replacements for missing teeth, often lasting for several years. For more videos, please go to http
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