Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression for Anterior Bridge

The procedure for taking a Vinyl Polysiloxane impression for the eventual fabrication of a maxillary, anterior, three unit, procelain fused to metal pinledge bridge. Orig. air date: JAN 12 88 This is part of the Open.Michigan collection at:
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Alghamix II is the new mechanical mixer for alginates, plasters and silicones from Zhermack. Ergonomic design and customised colours allow Alghamix II to adapt any dental practice or dental laboratory. Advantages • 30% reduced mixing time with respect to manual mixing • Reduced air incorporation during mixing • Homogeneous mixing free from bubbles and lumps • Constant bowl rotation guaranteed by the two speeds • Structure and design specifically designed to guarantee maximum stability during use • Ergonomic bowl position which allows for optimal operating conditions • Easy to remove and easy to clean bowl • Colored bowls easily adaptable to clinic colors • 600 cc bowl for plaster and silicone mixing plate usable for various purposes Characteristics • 2 bowl rotation speeds • Ergonomic speed selector • Bayonet bowlfastener • Available bowls: small 350 cc for alginate, large 600 cc for plaster • Available bowl colors: Gray, orange, green, light blue, blue, white • Plate with 20-sheet mixing block for silicones

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