Best Dentists in Santa Barbara. Tyler’s Review

Find us online at or call (805) 967-0272. Hey, my name is Tyler and I’m here to tell you about my experience with Dentistry in Paradise. Pretty much I’ve come here my entire life and I haven’t lived in Santa Barbara my whole life, but through all my experiences with different dentists, Dentistry in Paradise has been the best. It’s the most on top of it. For your birthday, even two weeks before your birthday, they send you birthday cards wishing you a happy birthday. They regularly are on top of it, when you’re coming in next. If you have any cavities at all, any hint, they’ll let you know right away. They’re really, really good about that. I have braces as you can see, and cleaning has been hard, flossing is a pain. But they’ve been really on it and they’ve given me tools and stuff I can use to keep my teeth clean. And I get them off tomorrow, so that’s good. And teeth are still looking good. They said I have some of the best teeth that they’ve seen with braces. So that’s a plus, that’s good. It’s only with their help that I could’ve done that ’cause I wouldn’t have done that on my own, that’s for sure. But I’ve been with them, like I said, my whole life and I can’t think of going into any other dentist in Santa Barbara. They are the best, that’s for sure… http
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