Take Your Dental Business to the Next Generation! | Stratasys 3D Printing

Dentists around the world are now embracing next generation 3D Printing to produce durable, accurate dental models. It’s known as rapid manufacturing! In thi…

When a patient gets a new crown they usually have no clue what kind of quality restoration they just got. There are different types of labs. Some are small l…
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11 Responses to “Take Your Dental Business to the Next Generation! | Stratasys 3D Printing”

  1. One will be able to use cold pourable zirconia very soon. No need for an ove, There are 2 patents going through the approval process in the US right now.

  2. my dentist wanted an hour and a half appointment. i had 3 cavities. but he did not tell me what he was going to do. it was expnensive!! but cheaper than a crown! and i am pleased with what i got. i was not prepared for the cost of it. 850. as i did not expect to be getting any such thing….it was worth it!! it feels natural in my mouth.

  3. Hi, how much did you pay each of them?

  4. Okay guys… just had my first 3D tooth made 20 min ago in Slovakia… It took like 1 30min all the procedure… My tooth looks like totally real…. No injections no crap around it, not blood. This is so amazing……….

  5. PRES. BARACK H. OBAMA on August 25th, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Were they printing teeth for monkeys? I ask because all those molds that I saw looked pretty deformed as if they were copies of really bad dentures,lol.

  6. The dentist very rarely ever makes casts or restorations from impressions. These new technologies will completely revolutionise dental technology with 3d printing of zirconia porcelain crowns not far away. Many labs do subtractive milling now of ceramic or metal substructures with addition of ceramic or plastic but 3d printing is the way to go. Check out you tube for the full range of 3d technologies cos the only limit is your imagination and how much money you have (plus legislative rquirmnts!)

  7. Hi Mihai, I’m a Dental Tech and your dentist takes an impression which usually is in alginate or rubber based materials inside an impression tray. The future is Digital impression taking with an intraoral camera which creates the virtual impression file which is emailed to the lab. This is then uploaded and the model/cast then 3d printed. The dentist does not produce any casts, only the digital impression.the lab then makes the restoration using digital workflow (CAD/CAM) or traditional means.

  8. so, let me get this straight, because i am not a dental technician. First my impression was that the dentist makes a model of the tooth, sends this model to the laboratory and there, the tooth is printed in a metallic or porcelain material, but from what I see they make a model of the teeth…what happens next with that? The actual tooth is made manually? I ask because I am interested in this technology and want to open a business build on 3D printing technology.

  9. Das ist wonderful.

  10. cool:)

  11. Sehr gut.