Child Dentistry – Cleaning out a cavity with the laser

After the child has been introduced to the dental laser in an introductory session, where no actual treatment took place, now it’s time to get a real cavity cleaned out. What Dr. Sarkissian does, is getting rid of ‘bugs.’ As he had previously explained, he will use the laser while counting to five – later to seven, when possible without disturbing the child – and then take a break. The little patient in this video is very co-operative and it is clearly visible that the initial session, used to introduce the laser in a playful manner, really pays off. There is no fear of the dentist and no need to hold the little patient in place – she just plays along. At Dr. Sarkissian’s web site you can learn more about the philosophy and methods of a leading homeopathic dentist in the Los Angeles area. Another good resource is the blog http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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