Dental diode lasers – 810nm vs 940-980nm

Operating 810nm diode laser in compare to 940-980nm diodes. Courtesy of Dr. James Jesse.
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Dr. Harvey Shiffman performs two filling preparations using the Fotona Powerlase laser. No shots, no pain, in minutes. For more dental laser information go t…

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3 Responses to “Dental diode lasers – 810nm vs 940-980nm”

  1. No sound

  2. hi,can u please let me know the parameters (wattage and frequency)set during this gingivectomy?also post op instructions?thanx

  3. Why did you blacken the tip on a 980 laser? That would make it work like a hot tip that conducts heat just like the 810′s. You can use irrigation with the 980 to reduce or eliminate charring. I don’t see any water used. If you take away all the features of the 980 and use it like an 810, it will give the results shown in this video. The clinician may want to get training on 980 techniques and settings. KA