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The BEST Jobs are at Logos! http://www.logos.com/_jobs Logos is looking for incredibly smart, talented, and passionate people to help serve the church throug…

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11 Responses to “We Have the Best Jobs | Logos Bible Software”

  1. stupid…it’s not because the company only hires male workers. It’s because not many women are interested in computer science & development. I have taken many college classes for computer science and the amount of women in the classroom is usually around 2 or 3 per class. The rest are men. Also, there are women in the video. I hate feminists.

  2. Away from learning the ward of God people have to enjoy

  3. lol…if ur disabled this job ain’t for you ….just sayin’ …could Stephen Hawking score a job here? hahahah

  4. Not trying to argue and I don’t work for them, but I don’t understand why some people think it’s a bad thing to have perks at work… is that not a christian thing to do or something?? Lots of companies do that, and they’re the ones that more people want to work for. How can you know that they are lacking in productivity because of their “fun aspects”?

    Well… maybe they should just have a normal 9-5 with cubicles and only have recreation around the water dispenser and at the break room :)

  5. Looks like you are way over charging for your products if people have so much time to spare during work celebrating recreationally. Having worked at a church for 4 plus years as a designer and developer, I’m not surprised to see a christian based organization focusing on their fun aspects of how they spend time doing nothing, rather than focusing on their servant aspect of how they improve each others lives and serve others.

  6. Initially I was really on-board with your comment; but after watching the video it seems like it really is just a bunch of guys. I did not see a single female the whole time. If that is what their current environment is then he is simply putting forth an accurate description.

  7. Looks cool, but it kind of bothered me that the employees were always referred to as “a bunch of guys”. I’m a female software developer considering applying to Logos, and this makes me feel like I would be left out.

  8. Looks like fun: Working, drinking coffee and logo creating

  9. TheFigmentFilms on October 15th, 2013 at 11:58 am

    I’m sure this is an awesome place to work, but do you want to attract people that are there to have fun, or that are there because they love their job? Just a thought…

  10. I’m smart, talented, and passionate. I’ve even used Logos for several years now. It’s the only Bible software program I use. However, I live in a completely different state and do not have a technology degree. That means I’ll have to settle on being jealous! :)

  11. You heard people say- “it will never be found”, “it ain’t true”, “it just can’t be”.
    I’m here to tell you these People are wrong- I found it. Using Google Earth –
    I found God’s Watermarks of the REAL Garden of Eden. Look at my Channel and see the Video I made of it. I didn’t point all of it out either- there are many things still hid for you to find. I even have 3 picture’s of God Himself. Come see what He looks like – EPIC !