Celebrity Smile Makeover By Cosmetic Dentist 90210

www.perfectwhitesmile.com You love smiles on celebs — and now you can have one! “Extra” has your secret weapon to designing a smile exactly like the one on your favorite celebrity. We’re with “Days of Our Lives” hunk Bryan Dattilo as he visits Beverly Hills smile-maker Dr. David Frey — who creates dazzling pearly whites for the red carpet! Cosmetic Dentist 90210 offering Smile Makeovers for Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Los Angeles area patients.
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5 Responses to “Celebrity Smile Makeover By Cosmetic Dentist 90210”

  1. Anybody notice how she starts referring to Bryan as “David”?…”David’s teeth are prepared…”. lol, it’s def Bryan, but ok

  2. so they grind down your otherwise healthy teeth and then cover up the damage with a porcelain veneer that you have to get changed every 10 years…that doesn’t sound healthy…

  3. want to get a celebrity like smile,it’s easy

  4. Hi My name is Sybil, I have M.S. and the medication I’m on rots out my teeth!! I have no insurance so I can’t get any Dental work at all! I’m 31 years old and I can brush my teeth 100 times a day and I still have bad breath:( I sing in the choir at my church and my fellow choir members never wanna stand beside me because the smell is so bad..:( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me???? I never go any where and talk 2 anybody b/c I have missing teeth in front!! Email me at Bossomredd@aol.com

  5. is this guy a true specialist like a Prosthodontist or a pseudo one like a “cosmetic dentist”??