New Dental Marketing Ideas Do you need to improve your dental consultant’s work day? Hygiene Consulting got you down? Check out Hygiene Diamonds to get the most out of your dental practice.

Visit Dental direct marketing company helps dentist advertise with no effort .Helmut Flasch a dental email advertising expert and founder of the award winning Un-Advertising strategy program. The Un-Advertising is an effective dental advertising strategy used by non-profit organizations, businesses, social media and other media entities. Individuals will market for you consistently and continuously, for free, instead of you having to advertise yourself seek for another company that will advertise for you with online dental coupons, and dental flyers. Mr. Flasch dental social media advertising specialist speaks about how being a jolly good fellow can help business owners such as dentists and doctors attract more new patients in a very inexpensive way by getting the community and community leaders to promote (refer) your practice without ever having been patients themselves.
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