Vitamin C: The Primal Panacea (1/7)

Listen or download at Board-certified cardiologist and vitamin C expert Dr. Thomas Levy’s research on nutrition and the role of toxic dental materials in long-term immune challenges have contributed to a new frame of reference for epidemic disease in the present day. He is the author of Curing the Incurable, Stop America’s #1 Killer!, Uninformed Consent (with Dr. Hal Huggins), The Roots of Disease, and Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health. In this segment, Dr. Levy shares the startling health information laid out in his newest book, Primal Panacea. We explore cutting-edge research pointing to a genetic error that increases our susceptibility to debilitating diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, dementia, and diabetes. Join us as Dr. Levy makes a compelling case for the powerful cure-all substance inherent to primal man, a shield against disease lost to antiquity — and offers his invaluable insight into finding it once again.
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