Green Dental Office Tour in Shelby Township, Michigan Here is how we at our office attempt to have the least impact on our environment: 1 We use digital x-rays including scans of the entire jaw and individual teeth of the mouth. This reduces radiation by about 75% and reduces the caustic chemicals needed to process x-ray film that usually gets dumped down our drains and into the treatment facilities. Since we use digital x-ray sensors, potentially harmful lead lined film packets are also eliminated. 2. We are paperless and chartless meaning that there are no charts in our office. Our patients fill out necessary forms online or in the office on a tablet computer which completely eliminates paper. Digital photographs are taken which helps not only with communication, but the use of photo processing chemicals are not needed. 3. All of the batteries used in the office are rechargeable eliminating the waste of batteries. If they are needed to be disposed of they are recycled. 4 We have eliminated the use of mercury containing silver dental amalgam with tooth colored composite fillings and havent used these types of mercury fillings for over 10 years. We are in the process of installing an amalgam separator that eliminates the mercury from entering the waste water system. It has just been mandated in the state of Michigan that dental offices need these devices. (In my mind it is ironic that many dentists place amalgam in the mouth but the FDA has stated that it is potentially harmful.) These are a few of

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4 Responses to “Green Dental Office Tour in Shelby Township, Michigan”

  1. Thank You. We are actually getting patients from all around the metro area. If you have any quesitons or comments Please feel free to ask them. AnyYou have a blessed day.

  2. lemonlime1600 on March 13th, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    ill visit you when im ready from northville god bless

  3. I don’t claim to be an expert in the biochemistry of dental amalgam and mercury. I have been using tooth colored composites or glass ionomer for the past 10-11 years and have been getting great results. In my practice if a restoration is functional with no decay around it I will not suggest removing it. If on the other hand if someone desires to have the amalgams removed I will do so. You may want to do more searches to answer your question. Blessings, Dr. Robert Antolak

  4. It’s good to see people take the initiative to correct these problems. Question though about the mercury in the fillings, could this be dentramental? I know that it evaporates very slow also that it “attaches” to the other metal that it is mixed with, so can it still cause neural degeneration? Thanks for your time and hopefully pending answer.