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11 Responses to “Bill Cosby on Dentists Greece”

  1. classic

  2. Awesome video, can’t stop laughing! Bill Cosby was a genius at this kind of humour.

  3. I love this soul brother! hes the funniest baboomba ever!

  4. i love this im in the process of being a dental assistant and they showed this in class. its sooooo funny!!!

  5. awesome…being a dentist myself i find this video extremely entertaing…nw i know wat my pts go thru wen i ask em to rinse….

  6. On this date in history…1866, Lucy Hobbs was the first female dentist when she received her degree from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery in Cincinnati. This made possible that most unusual of all events – - – a woman asking a man to open his mouth…


  7. RIP Bill Cosby 1937-2010

  8. gameshowfreak2007 on January 28th, 2013 at 1:50 am

    I can never even look when he does this bit its too funny, He did a show in town about a month and a half ago and I was laughing so hard I nearly passed out. They oughta put a warning on this vid.

  9. One of the funniest lines ever from a comedian: “The dentist goes outside to laugh at you.” They go out of the room every time!

  10. This is my bottom lip! It wasn’t like this when i came in here!

  11. Bill Cosby at his best!!!