euronews U talk – Travelling to receive medical care in other European countries In this edition of U-talk the question comes from Thomas is Brussels: “I am Polish, but at the moment I live and work in Belgium. This summer I wish to undergo dental treatment in Poland. How can I get reimbursement for the medical costs?” The response comes from Luisa Laranjo, Communications Officer with Europe Direct: “Under EU rules on coordination of social security, conditions and procedures of the reimbursement depend on whether the planned treatment you received in another EU country was in a hospital or not. “For the planned non-hospital dental treatment obtained without a prior authorisation from your health insurer, your will be reimbursed at the rates applied in your home country on the terms applicable there. “However, if you receive a prior authorisation from your health insurer, you will be reimbursed in either country at the rates which are the most advantageous for you. “For the planned hospital dental treatment, we recommend that you ask your health insurer for authorisation before being treated abroad. Then you can be reimbursed at the rates which are the most advantageous either in Poland or in Belgium up to the costs incurred by you. Otherwise, your insurer might refuse to reimburse you. “Once authorised to seek hospital treatment in another EU country, you should be treated there on the same terms — and charged the same costs — as a person insured in that country.” For more information about the EU, call 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11 or
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