Dental Articulators: Viper-Neo vs. Viper II from Cbite Dental Products

This video highlights the difference between the Viper-Neo and the standard Viper II. It also shows how to improve the ball and clasp movement through lubric…

Mike Flemming DDS, Advisor to the FDA (dental products panel 2006 & 2010) Discusses Important Aspects of the Dental Amalgam Product Label.

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2 Responses to “Dental Articulators: Viper-Neo vs. Viper II from Cbite Dental Products”

  1. Very sensible man and great critical thinker.

  2. Thanks for explaining this. You are telling about a possible path for
    change where two side are at a standoff. This all comes down to fear of
    liability for a device (mercury amalgam) that was grandfathered-in, but
    never actually proven to be a safe device by FDA.