Porcelain Veneers- Dental Restoration- Austin Tx, Lakeway Tx Dentist

Dr Patel reviews before and after photos for porcelain veneers and dental restoration. Dr Patel reviews the steps involved and describes the process for porcelain veneers and dental restorations. Dr Patel practices in Lakeway Tx and serves patients from all over Austin Tx. Call 512-263-8337 or visit www.lakewaysmiles.com for more information.

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7 Responses to “Porcelain Veneers- Dental Restoration- Austin Tx, Lakeway Tx Dentist”

  1. Wow you did an awesome job!!! Great before and after

  2. Laszlo Riedl Kovacs on December 1st, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    This is b…shit man, american psycho.How old are the patient?Use a colorkey for Christe.Whats wrong with you peoples is US?The veneers has no color (white is not a color),no shape,looks like beans,and categoric has no texture.But surely have a good price:)

  3. can anyone tell me if it is posible to get a silver (shiny metal) veneer? i realy want one and im not sure how i go about getting it done, i am told i will need a veneer after a nasty bike acsident and i thought i may aswell get it in silver. many thanks for any help

  4. I have had very bad work done since I was 6yrs old I’m 28 now and I’m pretty sure I’ll hv dentures by 30 if I don’t fix all my previous work 9,000 is the cost I got quoted I can’t afford that:/

  5. Nice work!!.i haven’t smiled in years…my teeth are so embarrassing…but one day I will…I’ll smile again one day

  6. are there any requirements in order to get veneers ?

  7. I am interested in veneers but I’m skeptical b/c of the shaving down of the teeth and the new teeth basically being “cemented” onto your natural teeth. Will this destroy what’s left of your natural teeth and will they be taken care of w/ the new teeth over them?