Dr. Sutton has been the invited keynote speaker at over 20 colleges, high schools and community events. His method to motivate individuals, specifically students has helped to change the lives of many who thought they couldn’t do great things. Despite being homeless and at one time having a .55 grade point average while in college, he drew upon his belief in GOD, the support of others overcoming the odds and graduating medical school. Today his joy comes from those he helps. He encourages them to draw their own finish line employing the principle of: HUSTLE (H) handle your business, (U) unload your burdens and unleash the beast, (S) smile because it opens doors, (T) take time to help somebody else, (L) listen and learn from others and (E) encourage yourself daily. The countless number of individuals that have helped Dr. Sutton along the way has inspired him. If it were not for the support of his parents, siblings, the Covenant House, longtime friends, Dr. CD Johnson, Dr. Kellaway, his past and present students and the rest of his UT Houston Medical School family, life for him could be totally different. And to the librarian that gave Dr. Sutton fifty cent to catch the bus to the homeless shelter, he will always be greatful. A theme and poem written by Dr. Sutton based upon his belief that we all have the ability to succeed despite setbacks. We all have the inner strength to climb seemingly insurmountable mountains. Finally, we all have a purpose when were born and this

The University of Houston became one of the first college’s in the country to open a private, on-campus dental clinic in 2011. Students, faculty and staff can take advantage of the dental clinic, which accepts insurance and offers discounted prices and plans to those without it. Services such as cleanings and wisdom tooth extractions— and even cosmetic services such as whitening and Invisalign® teeth straightening— are offered at the dental clinic through a partnership with Cornerstone Onsite Dentistry. The clinic is not open to the public, nor is it affiliated with a dental school.
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