Preventative Dentistry Specialist Covina California Do you brush, floss and do everything the dentist asks of you and you still get cavities? If the answer is yes you should have a CAries Management By Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) evaluation. Caries risk assessment involves taking a thorough medical, dental and dietary history, dental radiographs, an oral and salivary examination, and the use of the advanced technology called the cariescreen susceptibility testing meter. Dental decay is caused by a bacterial infection called caries. Caries is a very complex bacterial infection of the bacterial layer adhered to the teeth called the biofilm. The infection begins when the environment in the mouth allows the bacteria responsible for the infection to get a strong foothold in the oral cavity and flourish. This infection can be transmitted from one person to another. The cariescreen susceptibility testing meter can within a minute assess a patients risk for the caries infection. This painless, quick test involves taking a sample of the plaque (bacteria) in a patient’s mouth and testing it with the meter. Scores range between 0 to 9999. A score of 1500 or lower indicates relative health whereas a score over 1500 indicates considerable risk for decay. With this technology we are able to assess a patient’s relative risk today as well as monitor a patient’s progress towards health with subsequent follow-up tests while the patient follows the recommended protocols to help them decrease their risk to caries infection.
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