HUMANITARIAN NEWS – Dental company helping the poor

In humanitarian news, an Australian dental supply company helps those in need by recycling tools. Troll Dental, in Alstonville, New South Wales, is supporting the LM Instruments’ EcoAct campaign, which encourages dentists to donate instruments that are no longer being used. Some of the equipment is offered to dental programs in countries such as Laos, Vanuatu, India, Nepal, Cocos Islands, and Timor Leste. Tools that are not suitable to be sent overseas can also be acquired by Australians from Troll Dental. Some of the things they can be used for are jewelry making, pottery, and sculpture. The funds earned from these sales are given to Operation Cleft, an organization providing cleft palate operations for hundreds in Bangladesh. Our hats off, Troll Dental, for your thoughtful projects. May your kindness assist many precious individuals to receive life-enhancing care.

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