Dentist Abroad – Kreativ Dental Clinic The new, purpose built, state-of-the-art surgery is the most modern and best equipped Dental Clinic in Europe. Using the most up-to-date Dental Technology alongside our internationally experienced Dentists and Master Ceramists, we provide our clients with the highest quality dental services to be found anywhere in the world.

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8 Responses to “Dentist Abroad – Kreativ Dental Clinic”

  1. very interesting

  2. If something goes wrong after the treatment, they will give you free tickets and a hotel and fix it for free aswell if it was something they did wrong. =)

  3. Thanks!
    My concern is what if I’ll have problems after the treatment… It will be difficult to go there every time. Anyway, I’m considering to go for a first exam and check.

  4. we went there and everything was perfect =)
    good service and nice results ;)

  5. The most professional dentists ive ever seen and they are so polite.
    and the treatment is perfect. i would highly recommend you going there, + its a very beautiful country,many nice things to experience there.
    my father got his teeth’s fixed and now he has a hollywood smile.he paid like 60K and in norway we would have to pay like over 110K.
    the dentists at the clinic really care for your teeth.

  6. I’m considering to go there for some implants. What was your experience?

  7. The best of the best

  8. im going there in 9 June XD